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What is a clothing patch?

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Patches were almost a sign on the clothes of all people in rural society from the 1950s and 1960s to the 1970s. We know that the clothes are damaged. It is very simple to find a piece of cloth to sew it. But different people can make up for different effects. Patches are not the same as broken, and good clothing patches are also aesthetically pleasing. For the patch to look good, you need the heart to discover the beauty and a pair of dexterous hands. DIY a loving patch can also make clothes more cute and interesting. Although it is far away from the time of dressing and patching, it is good for the shape, adding some patch elements, and being changed by the craftsman. Many people like it very much. Let me tell you something about patch!

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Here is the content list:

What is the source of the patch?

What are the main types of patches?

What is the basic process of making embroidery patches?

What is the source of the patch?

When the Second World War broke out in 1939, due to material constraints, designers and women had to make full use of existing resources, which also prompted the emergence of new designs and patches. The rationing of resources restricted the development of fashion trends at that time. Silk, which was once used as a fabric for long skirts, is used to make parachutes, and complicated designs and excessive decorations are also difficult to achieve. Therefore, the patch becomes a clothing concept. After the war, the fashion creativity triggered by patches did not stop. From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, some "hippies" began to appreciate hand-woven clothes. They used rags and beads to decorate jeans and jackets, which became a trend at the time. Today, patches are still a source of inspiration for fashion designers. The difference with the past is that the reason is no longer a shortage of materials.

What are the main types of patches?

The early patches were layered on top of fabrics and then cut to highlight their colors and patterns. Because embroidery is decorative art, these cloth patches naturally include patterns and words. It is not like other textile decoration forms such as weaving and knitting. Embroidery is to add something to the already woven fabric. Today, some patches are made by hand, some are made on single-head sewing machines, and a large number are embroidered on shuttle embroidery machines and multi-head embroidery machines. The main type of patch is an embroidered patch.

What is the basic process of making embroidery patches?

Step 1: The first step is to design a pattern or draw up a sketch.

Step 2: After the design and color are approved, enlarge the designed pattern into 6 times larger technical drawings. According to this enlarged drawing, you must be able to print a version of the guide embroidery machine.

Step 3: use a special machine or computer to make a pattern.

Step 4: After making the pattern, spread it on a table for trimming and finishing.

Step 5: Sort the fabrics by size or over-plastic.

Step 6: Cut out the badge.

Step 7: Finish the patch.

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