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Keychains are very common in life, large and small, of all kinds, colorful and dazzling. In terms of materials, we can mainly divide keychains into PVC cartoon three-dimensional doll keychains and metal keychains. So, what is the difference between a PVC cartoon three-dimensional doll keychain and a



What is a PVC keychain
The PVC keychain is a plastic keychain, which is a kind of decoration that hangs on the key ring. There are various shapes of PVC keychains, which are deeply loved by the masses. This article will introduce you systematically what is a PVC keychain and the types.Here is the content list:l Introducti



What is a clothing patch?
Patches were almost a sign on the clothes of all people in rural society from the 1950s and 1960s to the 1970s. We know that the clothes are damaged. It is very simple to find a piece of cloth to sew it. But different people can make up for different effects. Patches are not the same as broken, and



What is a blank medal?
The blank medal is badges of honor awarded to individuals or groups by the government, royal family, or international organizations. The purpose is to commend and demonstrate the contributions of the recipients to society, nation, country, and mankind, including in sports, military, science, and aca



What are the gold, silver, and bronze medals of sports medals made of?
The sports medals of general sports events are divided into gold medals, silver medals, and bronze medals. Then, let's understand what materials are used to make them? Here is the content list:1. What is the gold medal of sports medal made of?2. What are the silver medals of sports medals made of?3.

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