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custom made copper challenge coins

color:custom color MOQ:50pcs Theme:souvenir Process:die casting Logo:2D logo
  • Mic-coin-008


Product Description


Item: Metal coin MOQ: 50pcs
Processing: Die casting Sample time: 3-5 working days
Material: Zinc alloy Mass production: 10-15 working days
Logo: soft enamel Shipping time: 2~5 days
Size: 44.45mm Shipping:  FedEx,UPS,DHL,TNT, By air, By sea 
Thickness 2.5mm Packing: Opp bag (free)
Plating: Gold Payment terms: 30% deposit in advance,70% before shipment 
2D or 3D: 2D Payment method: Paypal,T/T, Western Union etc 


Challenge Coin Maker

Are you looking for the best challenge coin maker? We have two decades of experience workingwith countless companies. Thats why we have every type of finish you may need for your logo. Thisincludes antique, glossy, or epoxy finishes. We also have textured patterns for base metals andedges. Because we have so many options, we encourage you to work with our team of designers.They help make this process simple and easy. They know the best styles, materials, and combinations to use to give you the best quality final product.

custom Military Coins

At the RENHUI Company, we cancreate your challenge coin in any shape,size, or color.

The best part? Wecan even make three-dimensional logosto really bring them to life. We will work together to manufacturecoIns ory uuvsquadron, unit, or battalion to mark any occasion.The U.S. Navy, Air Force,

Marines, Army, ana Coast u-orbeen ordering products from us for many years. We've also created designs for fire, and police aeparumensfrom across the country and abroad.

They are used to boost morale,

promote excellence, and give rewards.

one thing is for sure, military coins arealways treasured by those who receive them.



The History Of This Coin Style

How have challenge coins been used in history? These coins let members of different organizationshave a special medallion that shows their affiliation. This special medallion should be kept with youat all times, so you can always prove that you are a member if needed. This tradition began in WorldWar I after an American pilot was saved because he was wearing his squadron's metal around hisneck. The American soldier was captured by German soldiers and stripped of his formal identification. He was then moved to a small French town where he escaped from his Germancaptors. Without his formal identification, he was still able to show his affiliation with the Americantroops because of the prized possession hanging around his neck.

lf any members of the squadron or team are unable to produce their coin, therefore failing the“challenge," they are responsible for buying a round of drinks for everyone appropriately carryingtheir medallions on their person. lf the challenge is met, however, and everyone within the group isable to produce their metal symbol of honor, the challenger, or the person who initially bore hismedallion, must buy a round of drinks for his counterparts. This is a fun way to honor the history ofwearing organizational affiliation with pride. Your membership within a group, as demonstrated bycarrying their coin, is woven into the fabric of your identity.



About Us

Luckygifts always offers customers professional service, superior quality, fast delivery and follow-up service after each business transaction, we have integrated all the products manufactured in the same location, which include lapel pins, key chains, medals, coins, belt buckles... 

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